Hello Friends and Family,

It’s my pleasure to introduce Salvation Pillows. We make high-quality, hand-crafted pillow covers with both luxury and traditional textiles, designed for a home or workspace that’s earthy yet elevated.

As a mother, wife, and design consultant, my weeks are full! I started Salvation Pillows in 2014 as my creative outlet, a way to take time for myself to make items I loved. As I stitched, I discovered that designing my own pillows was a portal to my past; memories of traveling with my grandmother to Guadalajara and of learning about my ancestry from my aunt wove themselves into each new item. Friends took notice of my distinctive designs and began to ask for pillows of their own, and from those roots Salvation Pillows was founded and began to grow.

The founding inspiration for every one of my designs is the fabric itself, and mud cloth is one of the most used fabrics in my collection. Mud cloth is a cotton fabric originating from Mali. Malians sew strips of cotton together into one large piece of fabric and use fermented mud to etch out designs and patterns. When the mud has dried, the fabric is submerged in a natural dye bath for several hours. The end result is a beautifully patterned strong cotton fabric with a rustic look.

As much of the world enters an era of spending more time at home, it’s now more important than ever to craft home environments that please, relax, and inspire. It’s my treat to share with you the curated mix of pillow covers, accessories, and gifts that Salvation Pillows has to offer.

xx, A

Salvation Pillows was founded by Angela Leslie, in 2014, in her Brooklyn studio. A design consultant and décor specialist with over five years of experience, Angela is passionate about combining her love of luxury textiles with her commitment to ecologically friendly manufacturing and custom design. She lives in New York with her loving husband and son.

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